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Satellite Image of Tanbo Art in Rice Fields

satellite image tanbo art rice field

GeoEye-1 Satellite Image (0.5 m) – Inakadate, Japanese Rice Field Tanbo Art

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Image Copyright © DigitalGlobe and Courtesy of Satellite Imaging Corporation. All rights reserved.

Tanbo art is a Japanese project in which people use rice of various types and colors to create a giant picture in rice fields. In 1993, the people of Inakadate, Aomori were looking for a way to revitalize their village. Archaeological exploration led to a realization that rice had been grown in the area for more than 2000 years. To honor this history, the villagers started a rice field behind the town hall. With the paddy as a canvas, the villagers cultivated and used four different types of heirloom and modern strains of rice to create a giant picture in the field. To allow viewing of the whole picture, a mock castle tower 22 meters high was erected at the village office. In 2006, more than 200,000 people visited the village to see the art.

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