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Satellite Image of Goughan’s Corn Maze Liberty Bell

satellite image corn-maze

GeoEye-1 Satellite Image Goughan’s Corn Maze of Liberty Bell in Caribou, Maine

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(Copyright © DigitalGlobe and Courtesy of Satellite Imaging Corporation. All rights reserved.)

Goughan’s Annual Corn Maze, Caribou, Maine, USA GeoEye-1 .50-meter collected on September 11, 2012. This year’s patriotic theme at Goughan’s Berry Farm’s annual corn maze is captured from space in this GeoEye-1 image. For the last eight years, Mark Goughan has a new theme for the annual corn maze with this year’s depicting the Liberty Bell and a Freedom Eagle on top in honor of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The public is invited to navigate the maze in the fall for two months. The corn is planted in the spring and the design is cut into the field when the corn is about 2 feet high.

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