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Satellite Image in Mount Ararat 3D Movie

mount ararat

<1m Stereo IKONOS Satellite Image Data and 5m DEM of Mount Ararat Anomaly, Turkey

(Copyright © DigitalGlobe and Processed by Satellite Imaging Corporation)

Mount Ararat (16,940 feet, 5165 m) the largest volcano in Turkey. Ararat consists of two volcanic peaks: Big Ararat (5137 m) and Little Ararat (3,914m). The top of Big Ararat is covered with snow all year long. The Old Testament story of Noah says that Noah’ ark came to rest on Ararat following the Great Flood. This image is a 3-D perspective view looking from the southwest, created by draping a simulated natural color image over an ASTER-derived digital topography model. Although not currently active, its most recent eruption has probably been within the last 10,000 years. It is located in extreme northeastern Turkey, near the borders with Iran and Armenia. A number of claims by different explorers said to have found remnants of Noah’s Ark on Mt. Ararat have led to continuing expeditions to the mountain, many of which have focused their searches on the gorge area. More information on Mt. Ararat, visit here.

The anomaly itself, which lies surrounded by rugged strato-volcanic rock at the northwestern corner of Mt. Ararat’s western plateau, is over 980 feet long, and sits mostly buried underneath a permanent glacier. It first drew attention due to its relatively smooth surface texture, as well as its unusual physical composition.

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